Temporary Traffic Management – Abbreviations, what means what!

Whether you’re just starting out in the temporary traffic management industry, or a seasoned industry expert, understanding all the traffic management abbreviations can become tricky (and confusing!)

AusQ Training is here to lend a helping hand. We’ve compiled a quick (and easy) guide to understanding the lingo and common traffic management abbreviations.  

AGTTM – Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management  

The AGTTM is based on best temporary traffic management practices. It has been designed to help road authorities meet their legislative responsibilities for workplace and public safety.  It covers the planning, design, and implementation of safe, economical, and efficient temporary traffic management. 

MRWA – Main Roads WA

Main Roads WA is the regulatory body for traffic management in Western Australia  

BWTM – Basic Worksite Traffic Management  

Is an accreditation level and mandatory requirement to work on or near roads within WA. To learn more about the BWTM Accreditation [click here]  

TC – Traffic Control  

It is a term used for Traffic Control in the traffic management industry. Often refers to road workers – namely Traffic Controllers. It is also an accreditation level and mandatory requirement to control traffic on or near roads within WA. To learn more about the TC Accreditation [click here] 

WTM – Worksite Traffic Management  

WTM refers to a Main Roads WA accreditation level, which provides learners with the skills required to monitor the effectiveness of traffic guidance schemes including adding and/or removing signs and devices within the scope and objectives of the Traffic Management Plan. Learn more about this traffic management accreditation level [click here]  

AWTM – Advance Worksite Traffic Management   

This MRWA accreditation level prepares learners with the skills to prepare, design and develop TMPs. Learn more about this level of accreditation [click here] 

NP – Non-Practitioner   

People that do not directly undertake temporary traffic management roles at worksites, such as parking inspectors, surveillance officers, grader operators, verge mowers, etc., but have previously gained BWTM accreditation may find it difficult to provide evidence of active industry engagement when applying for re-accreditation. In these cases, rather than re-sitting the full BWTM course they may sit the refresher course and gain BWTM non-practitioner accreditation. Learn more about NP accreditation [click here]  

RTO – Registered Training Organisation  

Registered training organisations (RTOs) deliver nationally recognised training in the VET sector. 

TMP – Traffic Management Plan  

A traffic management plan (TMP) details how road users will be safely managed whilst works are taking place. 

ETC – Event Traffic Control  

The Event Traffic Controller (ETC) course is a Main Roads WA developed course targeted to those who organise and work at events on and near roads. Learn more here.

TMA – Truck Mounted Attenuator  

TMA stands for Truck Mounted Attenuator. An attenuator is the kinetic absorption device that absorbs impact when hit. In simple terms, it’s a crash cushion that is mounted to the rear of a safety truck.  

Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA)

TGS – Traffic Guidance Scheme  

A TGS is a visual drawing showing critical site information and the arrangement of temporary traffic control signs and devices in and around the work site.  

PTCD – Portable Traffic Control Device  

Portable traffic control devices (PTCD) were identified and adopted as a means of allowing traffic controllers to perform their roles at a safer distance from the traffic in high-risk environments. Learn more about PTCDs – here.

VMS – Variable Message Signs  

Variable message signs pre-warn road users and pedestrians of the changing circumstances ahead of them 

MMS – Multi Message Sign  

The multi message sign system is a light weight conspicuous signage to implement and guide road users at worksites.  

CoP – Code of Practice  

Refers to the Main Roads WA Code of Practice (herein after referred to as the ‘Code’ or CoP) describes the Main Roads Western Australia’s (Main Roads) requirements for managing traffic at work sites on roads.  

All relevant Codes of Practice can be found here.

This includes:

  • Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice
  • Traffic Management for Events Code of Practice

RTM – Roadworks Traffic Managers  

RTM accreditation is the highest accreditation that can be achieved in WA and given to traffic management professionals with the most knowledge, skills and experience in the traffic management industry. At the time of publishing this article there are only 31 RTMs in WA. AusQ Training are in a unique situation where we have an in-house RTM.  

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