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What's it like to work at AusQ Training?

We are not your typical RTO and training company, we do things differently…  That is why we stand out, for the right reasons!  We’re not satisfied with the average. We are tenacious, we are challengers, and we never settle. Instead, we’re committed to becoming better and improving every day. We care about our customers and results.

12 Reasons To Work At AusQ Training

Industry Leader

With over a decade of experience behind us, we are leading the way and lifting the standards for traffic management training. We are industry experts and educators who share knowledge that improves the safety of construction worksites. Our work makes an impact and saves lives.

Ongoing Learning & Development

We offer both internal and external learning and development opportunities to all our team members.  This assists you to grow with us and get to where you want to be! We have access to a world-class learning library of over 1,000 resources that every team member can access anytime, anywhere!

Excellent Remuneration

We know that competitive compensation is important and that is why we offer industry-leading salaries.  We also offer other non-financial perks too! We strive to offer our employees something extra. The longer you are with our team the more rewards you can access and enjoy!


We offer a wide range of employment opportunities from full-time, part-time, a couple of days a month or school hours to suit different lifestyles and needs. Our team has adopted hybrid working, where our team combines working remotely with coming into the workplace – enjoying the best of both worlds!

Travel Opportunities

We work all over Western Australia, therefore there are many travel opportunities available to explore new places. It could be driving to Albany in the south or flying to Broome in the north and everywhere in between! Enjoy seeing and exploring our wonderful state, all while being paid!

Passionate Leaders

Our business is founded by two unbelievably passionate female leaders, that strive for professionalism and quality in everything done here at AusQ Training! You’ll find them regularly hands-on across the business and mentoring team members creating tomorrow’s next leaders.

We Love Having Fun

We don’t settle for the ordinary. Instead, we foster a positive workplace for all, leading to a fantastic culture. We take our work seriously, but we also make sure we’re having fun along the way too. This is important to us, it’s even one of our core values “Have Fun: Enjoy The Journey”

Supportive Environment

Doesn’t matter what you are working on or where you are working, there is always a team there to help and support you. You have a team of cheerleaders around you from day one, so you are never feeling alone and know you’ve got someone to lean on at any time!

Values-Driven Culture

Our core values guide everything we do and the decisions we make as a company and as a team. We strive to bring out the best in one another, deliver exceptional service to our customers, create successful outcomes, and inspire the entire industry through our actions.

Recognition & Rewards

We maximise the power of praise through regular recognition and rewards. We recognise our team when going above and beyond for our customers.   We reward our team with some extra perks such as free coffee, gift vouchers, family experiences, sporting tickets and more!


If you ask our team, they will tell you our workplace offers a huge amount of autonomy whereby you can have that freedom to work in the way that suits you. When we hire a team member, we get them to do what they were hired to do, and get out of their way to achieve the results!

We Love Systems & Technology

We are big believers in working smarter, not harder!  We love embracing technology that can help us.  Over the years we have invested in a range of technology and created systems in our workplace, making things easier, saving time, and providing convenience for both our customers and our team!

Current Positions Available Are...

Trainer & Assessor

About Our Company

AusQ Training began in 2011 and since then we have delivered traffic management and construction training to more than 15,000+ people all across Western Australia.

Here at AusQ Training, we aim to create positive, fun and memorable learning experiences, that exceed value and lead to positive outcomes for individuals and workplaces.

While we’re proud of our achievements so far, there are of course more people and companies out there that need our help and training services. So, we’re raising the bar and we’re looking for more great people to join our growing team.

Are you one of them? Let’s find out.

Meet The Founders

You’ll be hard-pressed to find two female business owners in the construction industry that have the achievements, integrity and character of Tegan & Erin Studsor.

With a combined 40 years of experience between them working in the construction industry and 15 + years in business, together they lead the team at AusQ Training. Should you be successful in securing a role, this is who you’ll be working with.

Plus, alongside Tegan & Erin, you’ll have an amazing team, with some having a tenure of 10+ years with the company, that you will be able to learn from and grow with.

Our Company Values

We are a company driven by our values. For you to work at AusQ Training, these values must resonate and matter to you too.

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