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This dedicated webpage sets our key policies and procedures relating to AusQ Training’s training and assessment services and constitutes the terms and conditions of the contract between you (our student or client) and AusQ Training (as your training provider).  AusQ Training agrees to honour its commitment to deliver the purchased services and complete the training and/or assessment once the student has commenced training, subject to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.  Any changes to these terms and conditions will be communicated to you.

You must read this page prior to enrolling in any course.  Also, be sure to read the course description available on each dedicated course overview webpage in which you are interested, which contains specific information applicable to the courses beyond the general guidance provided on this page, and this summary of the prerequisites for all of our courses.

Please click here to read AusQ Training’s Fees, Charges, Refund, Cancellation Policy. If you have any further enquiries please contact us

Please click here to read AusQ Training’s Appeals Policy. If you have any further enquiries please contact us

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Please click here to read AusQ Training’s Student Employer Handbook. If you have any further enquiries please contact us.

AusQ Training is committed to providing support to those with identified needs. In line with the Standards for RTOs (2015), educational and support services may include:

  • Pre-enrolment materials
  • Study support via email or telephone
  • Limited Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) programs or referrals to these programs
  • Limited IT support
  • More time to complete assessments
  • Additional support from trainers
  • Equipment, resources and programs to increase access for learners with disabilities
  • Flexible scheduling and delivery of training and assesssment
  • Flexible payment plan options as agreed
  • Learning materials in alternative formats, for example, font size increased
  • Access to quite study areas
  • Learning and assessment programs contextualised to the workplace
  • Any other services that the RTO considers necessary to support learners to achieve competency

It is important for students to have the assistance they need in order to complete their training with us. AusQ Training has a compassionate approach to the needs of students and will endeavour to provide support services either from our internal resources or refer a student to an appropriate external agency.

In any event, if you are experiencing any difficulties whilst enrolled with AusQ Training, please discuss this with our Customer Support team.

AusQ Training students may access the following useful support contacts;

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Support
Reading and Writing Hotline – 1300 655 506
National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interprets
Australian Council for Adult Literacy
LLN resources for teaching and learning
Government information about literacy and numeracy programmes and activities
Information and advice for VET practitioners and students
Information portal for VET practitioners
Adult learning Australia centres 
Volunteer tutors helping adults to read
Applied scholastics Western Australia provides tutoring programmes on Reading & Comprehension, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Mathematics.

Physical disabilities
Vision impairment – VisAbility
Vision impairment – Vision Australia 1300 84 74 66
Hearing impairment – Western Australian Association of the Deaf Inc
Hearing impairment – Better Hearing Australia
Physical impairment – Life Without Barriers 08 9395 6800

Learning disabilities
Learning difficulties Australia
Developmental disability
ADHD – ADHD WA 08 6457 7544
Autism – AutismWest 08 9431 2111

Health Direct – Health Direct 1800 022 222
Epilepsy – Epilepsy Centre 1300 850 081

Counselling and personal support
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Relationships Australia – 1300 364 277
MensLine Australia – (For men of any age) 1300 78 99 78
Kids Helpline (For young people aged 5-25) – 1800 551 800
Crisis Care – 9223-1111
Beyond Blue
Salvation army – 9442 5777
Samaritans –  24 hr Suicide line Phone: 9381-5555 Youthline Phone: 9388-2500

At AusQ Training, we are committed to delivering exceptional traffic management training services. We value your insights and opinions. Help us continue to deliver quality traffic management training by sharing your feedback. Whether you’re a learner or an employer, your input is invaluable for our continued improvement.



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In North Lake

Upon arrival into 128 Farrington Road, drive through to the main car park and following directional signs guiding you to Area / Building C.

In Bunbury

There are 8 parking bays directly in front of the office, as well as an overflow area that TrafficForce has access to.

To be able to carry out construction work, a person must complete an introductory safety training course called ‘general construction induction training’. This is also commonly known as ‘white card’ training.

To check the validity of your Construction Induction Training [click here]

Anyone who works on a construction site in Australia is required to complete Construction Induction Training. You can search the database here to find your details if you have lost them.

Please note a Construction Induction Training Card must be valid:

Valid Definition: 

a)  If the individual has completed the training more than 2 years prior, the worker must have carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years for their Construction Induction Training Card to be considered valid.

b) If the individual has applied for, but has not yet been issued with a general construction induction training card, they must hold a general construction induction training certification that was issued within the preceding 60 days.

There are many resources available through Main Roads WA, please follow the links below for additional information:

Are you looking for your Main Roads WA Accreditation details, you can search here using the Graduate Search

From the 1st of January 2015 students must register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and provide this when enrolling in any accredited training. A USI is a reference number made up of numbers and letters that gives students access to their USI account. A USI will allow an individual’s USI account to be linked to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection allowing an individual to see all of their training results from all providers including all completed training units and qualifications

AusQ Training is an approved Construction Training Fund (CTF) provider, which allows eligible employers and candidates to access subsidies up to an 80% discount. To find out more about CTF or to check your eligibility, click here.

Did you want to check if your licence is accepted in Western Australia – check here