What can you earn in Traffic Management?

With the civil construction industry booming, now more than ever is the time to get your foot in the door for a position in the traffic management industry.

A question we commonly get asked though, is what is the average salary in temporary traffic management?

As a training company, we can not give direct advice or payrates. However we can tell you, this can vary from role to role; whether you are just starting out in the industry or someone who has been in the industry for many years and are looking to progress their career into another role.

So, we have done some research for you and picked 4 roles and broken down for you, what the role involves and the average salary (based on 2022 research on seek and indeed)

Traffic Controller

Traffic Controllers control traffic for works on roads, ensuring traffic flow is maintained and the safety risk to all road users and workers is minimised. Traffic Controllers work outdoors in all types of weather and can be rostered on day/night shifts. They are required to have good communication and literacy skills, as they are required to read and implement work instructions and complete safety documentation. A Traffic Controller needs to have a good level of fitness/health as work involves lifting and moving signs and devices (approximately 6-8kgs each) and standing for long periods of time conducting traffic control. To become a Traffic Controller, you need to hold a Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control Accreditation.


Traffic Controller tasks and duties:

  • Coordinating, setting up, managing and removing temporary traffic control.
  • Directing traffic around areas of disruption, such as roadworks, accidents, building sites and planned maintenance.
  • Directing pedestrians to maintain safety around changed vehicle and road conditions.
  • Communicating via two-way radio with other road traffic team members, emergency response teams and construction workers to give and receive updates on traffic and conditions.
  • Operating road signs, such as a Stop/Slow bat, and using hand signals to direct flow of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Setting up and taking down temporary road signs.
  • Identifying risks, hazards and safety implications of traffic control

What can I earn?

Traffic Controller roles are typically advertised between $60,000 – $70,000 OR average base salary of $29.54 per hour.

* data is taken from Seek and Indeed

Want to learn more about how to become a qualified Traffic Controller read more here?



Crew Leaders

As well as the role a Traffic Controller plays onsite, a Crew Leader or Team Leader also supervises, assists and mentors the traffic control team. A Crew Leader, has generally been in the industry for a substantial time and has progressed in their role. Crew Leaders maybe required to hold a Worksite Traffic Management Accreditation.

Crew Leader tasks and duties:

  • Supervising and assisting the traffic controllers onsite
  • All of the tasks a Traffic Controller completes, including guiding and mentoring team members

What can I earn?

Crew Leader roles are typically advertised on average at $65,000 per year

* data is taken from Seek and Indeed

Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Operators

Truck Mounted Attenuator Operators play an important role in operating TMAs in ensuring all other members of the work crews are adequately protected from out of control errant vehicles in or around a work zone, a trafficable lane, or road verge area. Drivers must have the knowledge and understanding for work crew safety including the correct location, providing suitable shunt-forward distances, adequate warning systems for work crew and travelling public if possible. To become a Truck Mounted Attenuator Operator, you need to hold an Operate Truck Mounted Attenuator Accreditation.

Truck Mounted Attenuator Operator tasks and duties:

  • Setting up temporary traffic management worksites using signs and devices
  • Controlling traffic including construction vehicles and road users
  • Operating truck mounted attenuator (TMAs)
  • Monitoring worksite traffic, safety and performance
  • Completing worksite safety documentation and records
  • Supporting other team members on worksites
  • Packing and cleaning signs, devices and vehicles

What can I earn?

TMA Operator roles are typically advertised on average at $70,000 per year

* data is taken from Seek and Indeed

Traffic Management Planner

As a Traffic Management Planner, you will be responsible for the design and development of Traffic Management Plans. To become a Traffic Management Planner, you need to hold an Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Accreditation. A Planner needs to have good literacy and reading skills, as their role involves, interpreting traffic guidance schemes, designing Traffic Management Plans, writing safety documentation and compliance audit reports.

Planner tasks and duties:

  • Preparing Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) in accordance with project briefs, statutory and regulatory standards
  • Collect and analyse site information, data and conduct risk assessment in order to prepare a TMP
  • Determine signs and devices required, including calculating spacing, measuring width of trafficable surfaces, edge clearance to barriers, cones and clearance to work personnel
  • Identify and obtain authorisations

What can I earn?

Traffic Management Planner roles are typically advertised on average at $85,000 per year

* data is taken from Seek and Indeed

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