Traffic Management Plan Design

AusQ Training specialises in traffic management and civil construction training across WA.
Let us help with your next Traffic Management Plan design.

AusQ Training provides a diverse range of traffic management planning and design services for both small through to large complex projects.   Whether you need a traffic management plan design for an ongoing project or just a once-off event, we can assist.  

With a team of Traffic Planners and an in-house accredited Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM) we have the skills and expertise to support customers from state or local government, private civil companies and event organisers.

Undertaking road works involve a compromise between getting the work done quickly on time and safely and keeping road users and the traffic flowing freely. It is therefore important to thoroughly plan the work activities, including the implementation and removal of traffic management arrangements, with the aim of optimising work efficiency and safety, and reducing traffic delays, congestion, and general inconvenience to road users. 

Main Roads WA state the following requirements, as stated in the Code of Practice Works on Road; 

Any party undertaking work on a road shall prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that adequately provides for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining an adequate level of service to road users. Traffic management planning should be undertaken in accordance with the AGTTM Part 2: Traffic Management Planning.  

All TMPs shall be prepared by a person holding Main Roads accreditation in Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM). A person holding Main Roads accreditation in Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) may make on-site adjustments to the TMP in accordance with its scope and objectives (following any adjustment the residual risk shall not be higher to workers or road users). Further information regarding requirements for WTM / AWTM tasks and accreditation is provided in section 8. 

For routine/repetitive type works such as minor pavement maintenance, a generic TMP may be appropriate. The person preparing the TMP shall refer to the Generic/Site Specific TMP Checklist to assist in determining whether the traffic management setup can use a generic or site specific TMP, this is available on the Main Roads website ; go to ‘Technical & Commercial’ > ‘Working on Roads.’ 

The AusQ Training Way

One of AusQ Training key strengths lies in our ability to produce very high quality, detailed and compliant traffic management plans that demonstrate practical solutions. 

We can assist in preparing both Site Specific TMPs for unique projects or alternative Generic TMPs for routine maintenance works.  No matter what the scale, we always aim to provide solutions that minimise risk and maximise your productivity and efficiency but that never compromise on safety or quality.  Construction sites are dynamic by nature and therefore we develop our TMPs and TGSs, taking into account the sequence of works and type of project.  

Our Process 
  • Customer submits a request for quote and provides project scope and requirements 
  • Initial review and scoping of project – a formal quote provided 
  • Upon acceptance we determine allocated Traffic Planner and estimated timeframes  
  • Initial client briefing or meeting 
  • Visit site location/s and undertake risk assessment of the site  
  • Confirm with key stakeholders any remaining project scope including sequencing steps 
  • Design TMP & TGS  
  • Inhouse internal review of TMP & TGS  
  • Seek road authority authorisation  
  • Release TMP & TGS to client   
  • Request any feedback and finalise project  
What We Can Provide 

Our team of qualified and experienced Traffic Planners can assist with any of the following traffic management planning and design needs; 

  • Traffic Management Plans 
  • Traffic Control Guidance Schemes 
  • Pedestrian Management Plans  
  • Construction or Workplace Site Traffic Plans 
  • Vehicle Management Plans including swept path analysis  
  • Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM) endorsements  
  • Road Authority Authorisations / Approvals 
  • Traffic Impact Assessments  
  • Road Safety Audits 
  • Suitability Audits  
What You Can Expect  

When engaging and working with AusQ Training for Traffic Management Plan design you can expect the following; 

  • Prompt designs and project timelines  
  • Transparent pricing – no hidden fees or costs  
  • High quality planning services ensuring the small details are accounted for  
  • Compliance against the current and any updated legislation changes 
  • Regular update and communication before and during your project design 
  • Qualified and experienced team who are committed to ongoing skills development  
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