How to become a Traffic Management Plan Designer

Traffic management plan design is an essential aspect of the traffic management industry in WA. It is a specialised field that involves preparing and designing detailed traffic management plans for road construction sites, events, and other situations where traffic needs to be controlled or redirected.  

A traffic management plan designer is responsible for developing effective plans that prioritise safety and minimise disruption to road users. To become a fully qualified traffic management planner in WA you will be required to undertake the Main Roads WA Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (also known as AWTM) training course. AusQ Training delivers this course over 4 days. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a traffic management plan designer, here are some steps to get started: 

Step 1:  Check you hold the required pre-entry requirements  

There are a key number of pre-entry requirements needed prior to enrolling in a Main Roads WA Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Training course. You will need to ensure you meet all the requirements prior to training.  


If you meet all the course pre-entry requirements, then a career as a Traffic Management Planner may be suitable for you. All the required evidence must be supplied upon enrolment.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Training Provider & Enrol 

To become fully qualified Traffic Management Planner in WA, you will be required to undertake the Main Roads WA Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (also known as AWTM) training course.  AusQ Training delivers this course over 4 days.  View full course overview here. 

To gain your Traffic Management Planner accreditation you will need to find an approved Main Roads WA training provider.  At the time of writing this article, there are currently 4 approved providers, including AusQ Training in WA that are approved to deliver AWTM Training.  

Step 3: Complete Your Training  

Once you have ensured you meet all the pre-entry requirements, chosen your preferred training provider and enrolled, you will then complete your training course.

Reminder, after completing your classroom training there are further assessments to be completed. You will required to completed assessments that involve designing Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)

Step 4:  Commence Your Job Search 

To assist our students, we have a dedicated (and free!) Job Board.  Our Job Board is JUST for traffic management and road construction-related jobs across WA.  Let us help you make the job search process easier.  Our Job Board aim is to connect job seekers with employers.  As a result, our Job Board will help you save time by providing one central location to find traffic management positions anywhere across WA.   

Visit our Job Board here. 

If you have any other questions let us help, please contact our team here.  

Ready to start your training?  Visit our Training Calendar for upcoming training dates, locations and prices click here. 

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