7 Tips for Finding a Traffic Controller Job

Traffic Controllers continue to be in high demand across Western Australia.

So if you are seeking work and looking at getting your foot in the door in the fast growing civil construction industry, NOW IS THE TIME!

AusQ Training have put together our top 7 tips and advice including everything you need to know about becoming a qualified traffic controller.

1. What do I need to start work?

To gain work as a traffic controller you need to obtain a Construction Safety Awareness Card or most commonly referred to as a White Card and complete the necessary traffic management training course.  Those interested in obtaining work in this field need to be at least 18 years of age and have (or have held) a driver’s license. The White Card is a prerequisite for completing the training course and a requirement for working on a construction site.

Traffic Controllers also need to speak, read and understand English to ensure interpret road signs used in Western Australia.

To become a qualified Traffic Controller in Western Australia, you are required to complete a Main Roads WA Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Controller (BWTM & TC) 3-day training course.  Following the successfully completion of this course you will receive;

  1. Statement of Attainment for RIIWHS302E, RIIWHS205E, RIICOM201E, RIIWHS201E
  2. Main Roads WA Certificate of Attendance
  3. Main Roads WA BWTM & TC Photo ID Accreditation (this is valid for a three (3) year period)

It is a requirement to complete the BWTM & TC training course through an approved Main Roads WA training provider. 

During training you will undertake both theory and hands on practical training including simulated and live road/traffic environments.  Assessments will include both written and practical to demonstrate your knowledge of information covered during the training.

To keep the accreditation current, you need to complete a Main Roads WA Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Controller (BWTM & TC) re-accreditation one (1) day training course within three (3) year period.

2. What does a day look like in the life of a traffic controller?

A traffic controller directs the flow of vehicles, machinery and other road users on roads.  Working in this role involves more than just holding a stop/slow bat.  Common tasks and responsibilities for a Traffic Controller include;

  • Setting up traffic management signs and devices
  • Directing traffic and road users
  • Applying and monitoring safety and traffic management plans
  • Inspecting and cleaning signs and equipment

Traffic controllers can work 365 days of the year in all types of weather, so you must have a love of the outdoors!

3. How much will I earn and are the jobs they full-time?

As a training company, we can not give direct advice or payrates. However we can tell you, this can vary from role to role; whether you are just starting out in the industry or someone who has been in the industry for many years and are looking to progress their career into another role. We have put together an article covering 4 roles in the traffic management industry and the average salary (based on 2022 research on seek and indeed) Read the full article here – What can you earn in Traffic Management? 

4. How much does the training course cost?

Course prices vary depending on the location and course type. All of our prices are available on our website. Check out all our training courses on offer.

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5. How do I find work?

To assist our students, we have a dedicated (and free!) Job Board.  Our Job Board is JUST for traffic management and road construction – related jobs across WA.  Let us help you make the job search process easier.  Our Job Board aim is to connect job seekers with employers.  As a result, our Job Board will help you save time by providing one central location to find traffic management positions anywhere across WA.  At the time of writing this article, there are over 35 + positions listed.

Visit our Job Board here.

6. Is there any opportunity for career growth?

Absolutely! The sky is the limit in Traffic Management. Whether you start out on the road as a Traffic Controller, you can progress into a Crew Leader position OR you may decide you want to move into an office based role, designing and developing traffic management plans.

7. How do I enrol?

You can enrol anytime with our online training calendar  ENROL HERE  

Still have questions about our training courses, please reach out – we would love to help [Contact Us Here]

Want to enrol or find out more?

AusQ Training offer a range of course dates across both metropolitan and regional areas, to view all the courses, locations and pricing please visit our website.

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