Which worksites need an accredited WTM person?

We recently released a helpful article, aimed to assist in understanding the difference between Main Roads WA Worksite Traffic Management vs Advanced Worksite Traffic Management level of accreditation 

Now, we want to assist you in understanding which type of worksites need an accredited Worksite Traffic Management person onsite.  

Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) accreditation explained 

Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) accreditation is suited to those workers onsite that are required to oversee traffic management projects, conduct risk assessments and modify traffic guidance schemes (TGSs) within the scope of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP).  

The WTM accreditation and training course provide participants with the theory and practical skills required to monitor the effectiveness of traffic guidance schemes including adding and/or removing signs and devices within the scope and objectives of the Traffic Management Plan. The course covers conducting risk assessment, analysing project and road/traffic data, amending traffic guidance schemes, working with a range of stakeholders and quality review processes.    

This course and level of Main Roads WA accreditation is suited to a range of job roles such as Traffic Controllers, Team Crew Leaders, Site Supervisors or Project Managers. 

A person holding Main Roads WA accreditation in Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) may make on-site adjustments to the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) in accordance with its scope and objectives (following any adjustment the residual risk shall not be higher to workers or road users). 

Which worksites need an accredited Worksite Traffic Management person onsite?  

As per Main Roads WA Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice [section 2.1.2, Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme] Traffic management sites involving ‘complex traffic arrangements’ on Main Roads controlled roads, shall have at least one person with either Worksite Traffic Management or Advanced Worksite Traffic Management accreditation on-site at all times when road workers are present. 

Did you know? For employers who are Main Roads WA company registered or working towards this, there is a requirement to have:  

1 in 20 traffic management employees must hold a current Worksite Traffic Management Accreditation OR Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Accreditation.  

What is the Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme?  

The traffic management company registration scheme applies to any company, agency or organisation that implements temporary traffic management on State roads. Registration is required if the traffic management requires a closure or speed restriction. This applies to all State roads across Western Australia. 

The aim of this scheme is to improve the quality and safety of traffic management on State roads. Traffic management is a high-risk activity and deviation from safety standards can lead to death or serious injury to the public and road workers. Incorrect traffic management can also cause increased congestion. The scheme is a significant initiative to improve the safety and quality of traffic management on State roads in Western Australia. 

The scheme requires applicants to demonstrate safety, quality and consistency in delivering traffic management services. Applicants will be required to provide evidence of their suitability against selection criteria. The registration requirement is in addition to the existing requirements for individuals to be trained and accredited. 


The main objectives of the registration scheme are to: 

  • Improve the quality and consistency of traffic management on site 
  • Increase the safety of the public and road workers 
  • Raise industry standards and improve industry image 
  • Establish feedback mechanisms and tangible consequences for companies that fail to implement correct traffic management. 

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