Regional Roadworks Signage Review – Traffic Management Alert

Main Roads WA recently released the following Regional Roadworks Signage Review – Traffic Management Alert.

As you may be aware there are more road projects requiring traffic management now, and planned for the near future, than ever before.

Last year, nationally at Traffic Management sites, there were a number of fatalities and serious injuries involving Traffic Management personnel as well as the general public.

The information below highlights the importance of Traffic Management companies adhering to  the correct processes and procedures to ensure a high level of safety and compliance is met when delivering Traffic Management at all times.

We all have a duty of care and obligation to ensure the safety of people working on roads. To assist in increasing safety and accountability, Main Roads would like to reinforce the importance of the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Part 8: Processes and Procedures. The link to this guide is provided below:

Viewing the document instructions:

  1. Click on the link Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Part 8
  2. Click download PDF
  3. Create an Austroads account to view the document (if you do not already have one)
  4. Once the document has loaded up on your screen
  5. Use keyboard ‘ctrl f’ for quick find
  6. Search “5.4” to review Roles and Responsibilities section

For further information or clarification around your responsibility or level of accountability on a roadworks site, please contact Main Roads WA [click here]

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