New Daily Diary Template Now Mandated For Use

In January 2020, Main Roads WA released an updated Code of Practice for Works on Road. In this revised edition, it is a requirement to use a standardised Daily Diary template. All traffic management personnel must ensure they are recording the minimum required information as per the Daily Diary template.

Are you using the correct Daily Diary template?

Here are the key details you should know;

Where Can I Find The Template For Use?

The template is available from the Main Roads WA website to download and use.


Why Has It Been Mandated?

The main reason behind it was to introduce a consistent approach across the industry.  Daily Diaries were often lacking essential details leading to poor record keeping practices.  In addition, after the completion of a worksite it was often difficult to determine what did (or didnt) take place on the day.

Therefore having a standardised template allows those completing or reviewing Daily Diaries to;

  • easily use the document knowing where they can locate the required information each time
  • ensure the required details needed from a worksite are not missed and record keeping is thorough

In summary, you need to download and commence using the Daily Diary template immediately.


If the standardised templates are not being used, a worksite is not meeting the requirements of the CoP and therefore non-compliant.  In the event there was a serious accident, injury or fatality this would be identified in the investigation and potential ramifications could occur.  A Daily Diary is an important document and ensures thorough record keeping.  Ensure you check your Daily Diaries records and have the correct template in place for your current or next project!

In addition to this new requirement, there are other new changes and inclusions in the Main Roads WA Code of Practice Works on Road read more.

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