Safety Alert: Vehicle U-Turn Incidents

Two significant safety incidents occurred in August 2020 involving traffic control vehicles performing U-turns across unbroken double lines while setting up traffic control signs and devices. 

In both incidents, the U-turn resulted in a collision with a member of the public driving their vehicle in the direction the traffic control vehicle was turning into. In each instance, either the traffic control or member of the public have been transported to the hospital.  Those involved sustained serious injuries.

Signs and traffic control device locations should be planned in a way that allows for the safe execution of turning manoeuvres. Traffic control personnel must follow the road rules at each stage of planning, setting up, operating and removing traffic control devices. 

Safe turn around areas for all worksite vehicles must be identified during the planning phase and as part of daily site risk assessments. 

These events are a timely reminder of the importance of abiding by the road rules and safely planning traffic control arrangements relevant to local conditions.

Under the WA Road Rules, when making a U-turn;

A driver must:
  • ensure it can be done safely;
  • use your indicator to signal your intentions to other drivers;
  • give way to all other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians on the road you are turning into.
A driver MUST NOT make a U-turn:
  • when you do not have a clear view of approaching traffic or it interferes with other traffic;
  • at traffic lights (unless there is a ‘U-turn permitted’ sign);
  • where there is a ‘no U-turn’ sign;
  • on freeways, including on and off ramps.

We recommend sharing details of this safety alert with your organisation.  Be proactive and raise awareness about required road rules and best practices, so your team can remain safe whilst working on the roads.

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