Traffic Management Re-accreditation Training Changes

From 1 August 2021, Main Roads WA will be introducing new changes for temporary traffic management re-accreditation training. Let us help you learn more about these changes and what you need to do.

Re-accreditation Training Requirements

A person who holds a Main Roads WA temporary traffic management accreditation, is required to complete re-accreditation training every three (3) years. 

Re-accreditation training is required to ensure that practitioners are kept up-to-date with any changes with legislation, standards and guidelines.  It also allows remaining current with new changes in technology and work practices. The extent of training required for re-accreditation is related to the applicant’s level of day-to-day traffic management exposure. 

Once your traffic management accreditation has expired, you are unable to continue performing those tasks until re-accreditation training is successfully completed

Those seeking re-accreditation will have three (3) months grace period after their accreditation has expired, to remain eligible to attend a re-accreditation course. If training isn’t completed within the available grace period, it will then result in having to attend the full course.  Therefore, it is very important to renew your accreditation on time to avoid additional time or costs. 

Summary of Key Changes Ahead  

Those who seek re-accreditation will need to provide documentary evidence of active engagement in the industry.  Evidence provided must be within the previous 12 months. 

For Basic Worksite Traffic Management (BWTM), Traffic Controller (TC), Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) and Operate Truck Mounted Attenuators (OTMA) accreditation levels, documentary evidence of experience must include;

  • Details of a minimum of 3 worksites with a supervisor’s contact details that can be verified.  Details required to provide will include the date of work, site location and suburb, description of works, contractor, supervisor name and contact details;
  • A completed and signed SWMS used on a worksite by the applicant; and
  • Minimum one (1) of the following: risk assessment participation or pre-start documentation; and
  • Minimum one (1) signed daily diary of a worksite you have implemented or details of the TMP number, contractor, etc to be verified by the RTO.  

For Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) accreditation, documentary evidence of experience must include;

  • At least three (3) TMPs that the applicant has prepared, endorsed or approved that have been implemented at a worksite

It is the responsibility of the training provider to examine the evidence provided to ensure it meets the required industry standards.  In the event there are any doubts regarding the documented evidence or competency of the attendee, additional training and assessment may be deemed required.   Where additional training and assessment is required, this may increase the time or costs required to undertake the course.

The applicant must submit the above documented evidence prior to attending the re-accreditation course.   If evidence cannot be provided before training, the applicant will be required to undertake the full course. 

As a result of this particular change, AusQ Training will be introducing a requirement for participants to submit evidence at the time of enrolment and at least ten (10) working days prior to the training date.  This will ensure evidence is submitted with sufficient time for our team to complete the verification process.

What Do I Need To Do? 

As a result of the above new changes, here are some recommended action or steps to take; 

  1. Inform your organisation and co-workers about these recent new changes that apply to re-accreditation training 
  2. Review your traffic management accreditation details online now and be clear on those upcoming expiry dates.  We recommend organising any traffic management re-accreditation training at least three (3) months before the expiry date.  By planning your training needs well in advance, ensures sufficient time to complete the requirements.  
  3. Ensure you have a system for managing these expiry dates.  For employers, there are many ways and systems available to handle this.  For example, some use customised training management platforms, some use a simple Excel spreadsheet and others use automated alert reminders. 
  4. Create a system for collecting active industry engagement documentary evidence as work is being completed.  For example, once a quarter, request and save on file copies of the required documents.  By doing this, you are prepared ahead of time and will save time when enrolling for reaccreditation training. 
  5. Communicate those upcoming expiry dates and documentary evidence requirements to those involved.  This will ensure they also have awareness and a reminder. 
  6. Contact your preferred training provider and check their upcoming re-accreditation training calendar.  Check that available dates and courses are available in your area.  AusQ Training provides regular training options in Perth, Osborne Park, Bunbury and Albany areas.  In addition, our team of Trainers also can travel across WA to provide onsite training.  To request a quote click here.

Summary Of Changes 

In conclusion, here is a summary of the changes;

  • New changes effective from 1 August 2021
  • Changes applicable to those renewing their Main Roads WA traffic management accreditations including BWTM, TC, WTM, AWTM and OTMA levels 
  • Active engagement documentary evidence has changed and increased.  For most levels, multiple documents are now required  
  • Documentary evidence must be supplied prior to completing training
  • Where documentary evidence isn’t received prior to training, you will be ineligible to complete a re-accreditation training.  Instead, you will be required to complete the full course 
  • Documentary evidence provided will be verified by RTOs
  • Where there are any doubts regarding documentary evidence provided, additional training and assessment may be deemed required

How To Check Your Accreditation Details & Expiry Date 

Main Roads WA Graduate Search is the only official register for all Main Roads WA Accreditations. Within 5 working days of completing your training, your accreditation details will appear on the register. This is helpful for individuals to check or verify details and check expiry dates. Those who are not listed have either not been issued with an accreditation or have expired or had their accreditation withdrawn. 

Check your Main Roads WA accreditation details click here. 

Got Questions? 

Do you have any questions and need further assistance with your reaccreditation training needs?  Get in touch and contact us.

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