New AS 1742.3:2019 Mapping Comparison

A new Australian Standard 1742.3:2019 Manual of uniform traffic control devices Traffic control for works on roads was released on 11 December 2019.  Read more.

Standards Australia have advised that selected content has been determined to be guidance material which is not appropriately located within an Australian Standard.  As a result, this guidance material has been substantially transferred into the new Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM).  The AGTTM is an expansion to the guidance material based on information from Austroads member organisations.

To assist stakeholders in understanding these changes, a mapping comparison document has been made available.  Therefore you can use this comparison tool to identify the new location for this content in either AS1742.3 (2019) or AGTTM.

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Austroads Project Overview

Austroads project BN2019 has been established to support the improvement in safety and traffic management practice at road worksites. The first major element of this project has now been delivered as the new Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) series which will be published in December 2019 together with an update to Australian Standard AS1742.3. In addition to the improved technical guidance, the project is programmed to deliver harmonised national training for all practitioners operating in temporary traffic management.

Managing risks and providing optimum safety for employees and contractors working in or near traffic, combined with providing a safe road environment for road users, is considered a significant issue for road agencies and industry. A core element of the program of works undertaken in the development of the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management has been the transfer of guidance material from AS1742.3 (2009) to the Guide. In addition, the guidance material has been substantially expanded incorporating best practice material from Austroads member jurisdictions and from industry.

This project was initiated to assist readers of the AGTTM and the updated Australian Standard in understanding where guidance in the previous version of the Standard was transferred to.

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