3 reasons to become a Traffic Controller in WA

3 reasons to become a Traffic Controller in WA. You might not know this, but Traffic Controllers are some of the most essential personnel on roadworks sites. Why you ask?

Traffic Controllers are responsible for the safety of all road users and worksite workers near traffic. Traffic Controllers are constantly observing the work zone looking for any oncoming hazards, controlling traffic, a wide range of road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists to protect maintenance workers, work crews and members of the public.

What does a Traffic Controller do? 

A Traffic Controller directs the flow of vehicles, machinery and other road users on roads.  Working in this role involves more than just holding a stop/slow bat.  Common tasks and responsibilities for a Traffic Controller include;

  • Undertake site and risk assessments  
  • Setting up traffic management signs and devices
  • Directing traffic and road users
  • Applying and monitoring safety and traffic management plans
  • Moving or packing down signs and devices
  • Inspecting and cleaning signs and equipment

Are you thinking of becoming a qualified Traffic Controller?

Here are 3 great reasons to consider this training and career choice.

1. Working Outdoors and Travelling to Different Locations  

One of the best things about a career in the traffic management industry, in particular becoming a Traffic Controller is the opportunity to work outdoors.

If you are sick of the 9-5 grind, commuting crazy hours to and from the office and not being able to enjoy the outdoors, it maybe the right career move for you. Becoming a Traffic Controller gives you the opportunity to travel a wide range of different locations across WA. Some days you could be working in Perth metropolitan, next day you could be travelling out to the Wheatbelt, South West or Pilbara. You may also get the opportunity to work at major events in the city, a highlight from the Traffic Controllers we spoke to is Skyworks Festival, AC/DC Concert Traffic Management and other major events at the Optus Stadium.

2. Earning a good income (without the FIFO life) 

Many people that have made the career move into traffic management as a Traffic Controller have come from such vast backgrounds, ranging from Police Officers, Office Managers, FIFO workers, semi-retired and school leavers. Having the opportunity to be home most nights is a big plus when looking at becoming a Traffic Controller. Also, the earning potential as a Traffic Controller is reasonable.

Your position, location, experience and industry also affect your pay potential.  An experienced Traffic Controller can expect to earn more while entry level positions may pay less.  Majority vacant positions are casual roles due to seasonal changes in workload.  During summer months, workload is typically higher compared to winter months, therefore earning potential is great! The average Traffic Controller hourly rate working in Western Australia will vary based on site location, project type, employment type and level of experience or other qualifications held, however as an indication range start from $25-$35. To read more on ‘what you can earn as in Traffic Management’ click here.

3. Career Opportunities

Once you get your foot in the door of the traffic management industry, the opportunities are endless. 

When you start out on the road as a Traffic Controller, you have so many opportunities to progress, including, but not limited to, becoming a Crew Leader, Site Supervisor, Traffic Planner, Scheduler or other roles such as General Labourer, Plant Operator and many more. We have heard many success stories over our years in industry, most recently, someone who had been in the traffic management industry for 5+ years decided to extend their studies into Training and Assessment and they are now employed as a Full Time Trainer and Assessor with AusQ Training.  

Now, how to become a qualified Traffic Controller 

So, you have read the above, and you’re ready to take the plunge in a career in the traffic management industry. Traffic Controllers continue to be in high demand across WA.  Starting a career as a Traffic Controller can be very rewarding, playing your part in helping build and maintain Australia’s essential road infrastructure network. If you are looking for a new adventure or just want some extra income, a job as a traffic controller can be an amazing way to spend your workday.

Becoming a qualified Traffic Controller opens the door to a new career working in a variety of fields such as construction, building, mining or event industries.

We have created a quick easy guide, covering everything you need to know about how to become a qualified Traffic Controller and find the right position for you.

Have more questions?

We hope you enjoyed our article on top 3 reasons to become a Traffic Controller in WA.  Do you have more questions though?

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Do you need training?  

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