Your Complete Guide to Storing Your Digital Main Roads WA Card 

 Some may already have decided how they store their digital card. But if you’re still pondering on how to proceed, we’ve prepared this guide for you.  

 We have trialled the following steps to ensure it is easier for you to access your Main Roads WA Card when you need it. We also recommend that you sign your card online  first before storing it.

 Save to Device Home Screen  

 For Android 

  1. Open and save as PDF 
  2. Select downloads on phone (or other easy to access folder)  
  3. Rename file if required 
  4. Go to your selected download folder  
  5. Click and hold on file 
  6. Click … more 
  7. Click add to home screen 
  8. Confirm add 
  9. You will then have a pop up to say successfully saved.  

 How to Access: Your digital card can then be opened as a PDF icon from your device home screen. 

 For Apple :

  1. Open from email and save PDF to files on phone (or other easy to access folder)  
  2. Click export button  (across function bar) 
  3. Add to home screen. Rename file if required. 

 How to Access: Your digital card can then be opened as a URL icon from your device home screen. Note: This will require Internet Access to access. 

Stocard App for Android & Apple 

  1. Vist the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. 
  2. Download Stocard. 
  3. Open the Stocard App and click on the “+”-button in the top right corner (iOS) or lower right corner (Android) of the screen. 
  4. Click “Other card” and type Main Roads WA. 
  5. A field to manually type in your customer number will appear.  Simply scan the barcode with your smartphone’s camera or manually type in your customer number.  
  6. Add a photo of the card. 

 All done! 

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