Traffic Management Training: Answering Your Top Questions

Are you looking at starting your career in traffic management or a seasoned expert, no matter where you are on your traffic management training journey, we’re sure you have some unanswered questions.

Do you have questions, concerns or problems – we have stepped in to assist and answer the most asked questions about traffic management training:

Question: Why choose a career in traffic control? 

Answer: Working as a Traffic Controller provides an opportunity to work outdoors, travel to various locations, work alongside and meet many new people and open doors to consider other roles within the civil construction sector. Read more on reasons to choose traffic control as your next career [click here]

Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control Course Overview

Question: Are there many jobs or upskilling opportunities in traffic management? 

Answer:  Once you get your foot in the door of the traffic management industry, the opportunities are endless.  When you start out on the road as a Traffic Controller, you have so many opportunities to progress, including, but not limited to, becoming a Crew Leader, Site Supervisor, Traffic Planner, Scheduler or other roles such as General Labourer, Plant Operator and many more. To assist our students and followers, we have a dedicated (and free!) Job Board

Question: How do I become a qualified traffic controller? 

Answer: To become a fully qualified Traffic Controller in WA you will be required to undertake the Main Roads WA Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Controller (also known as BWTM & TC) training course.  AusQ Training delivers this course over 3 days.   

AusQ Training offer regular traffic management training courses in Perth, Bunbury and Albany – view all courses, dates, pricing here

We have also created a quick (and easy!) 5 step guide to assist you in becoming a qualified Traffic Controller [click here] 

Question: How much money can you earn in traffic management? 

Answer: Pay rates will vary across roles, companies, and work locations.  However, we’ve done the research, selected 4 different roles and broken it down for you, what the role involves and the average salary (based on 2022 research on Seek and Indeed). Read more here.

Question: Is there any funding available for training? 

Answer: AusQ Training is an approved Construction Training Fund (CTF) Bulk Biller Provider, which allows eligible employers and candidates to access subsidies for construction and traffic management training in WA. Subsidies are available to reduce training costs, making it easier for eligible businesses and employees to access the training they need when they need it. Read more and check your eligibility here.

Question: My traffic management ticket has just expired; can I still perform traffic management work during my grace period? 

Answer: Unfortunately, No.  Once your accreditation has expired, you are no longer permitted to perform those traffic management tasks. We suggest ensuring you always check your traffic management expiration dates and arrange your reaccreditation training requirements in advance to avoid this situation.  

Question: I’ve let my traffic management accreditation lapse by 6 months, can I still complete a reaccreditation course? 

Answer: Unfortunately, not.  Main Roads WA provide you a 3-month grace period, which is available after your expiry date, and it is required you organise and complete your reaccreditation training prior to then.  If you surpass your grace period, you are required to retake and sit the full course. 


Question: I’m due to renew my traffic management accreditation however, I haven’t been working in traffic management for a while now (eg 12-18 months), therefore I don’t have any active engagement evidence – can I still do reaccreditation training? 

Answer: No. To be eligible for traffic management reaccreditation training, there are several criteria’s to be met, including the need to provide evidence you’ve been actively using and applying the accreditation, such as details of your current traffic management worksites.   

Without this evidence, you are required to re-take the full course. There have recently been more changes around what evidence is required [read more here]  

Ready to start your career in traffic management?  

AusQ Training offer a range of courses to assist you in the traffic management or construction industry, in Perth, Bunbury and all over WA – to view our range of public training courses [click here] or view our calendar here 

Make a time to chat to one of our Customer Support Team members [here] to discuss your traffic management training needs. 


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