Our People – Tegan Studsor

Tegan Studsor

Co-Founder & CEO


Co-founder of AusQ Training since 2011, Tegan has been involved in the construction and traffic management industry for over 16 years.  Together with business partner and sister Erin, they founded AusQ Training to meet the need for quality and accessible training solutions, particularly in regional areas.

Tegan has steered the company from its modest beginnings to the successful RTO that exists today.   As CEO, Tegan manages the company strategy, team, culture and direction.    Tegan has the rare blend of creative, big picture thinking, coupled with on-the-ground operational practicality.  Whilst young in years, she has a head for business and a natural ability to connect with and empower people.

Tegan has broad experience across varied industries including vocational education, construction, human resources, agriculture and hospitality.

Outside of business, Tegan has a passion for staying active, enjoying music and holidaying.

Finally, but most importantly, Tegan is a devoted family person and mother.  Tegan has a partner and a young daughter.

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