Safety Alert – Member of Public Collides with Traffic Management Ute, Injuring Traffic Controller

There has been a recent temporary traffic management safety alert issued in relation to a member of the public colliding with a stationary traffic management utility, injuring the traffic controller.

What Happened

On Friday 7th July 2023 at approximately 9:30am, a Member of Public (MoP) was travelling in a north westerly direction towards the traffic signalled intersection. An electrical Contractor was at this location performing CCTV camera maintenance and were utilising the services of a sub-contractor to provide Traffic Management.

For reasons unknown, the MoP has left the road and travelled approximately 120m through the verge, missing large trees and an electrical pillar, and has collided with the stationary and unoccupied traffic management utility situated approximately 10-12m off the roadway. When the MoP vehicle has collided with the traffic management utility, the force of the collision has caused the utility to strike a Traffic Controller (TC) who was standing outside of the cab and has forced them to the ground. No other persons were injured.

The on-site Foreman contacted emergency services, and their immediate Supervisor. Works were ceased.

Emergency Services attended the scene, where the traffic controller was attended to immediately and transferred to hospital.

The traffic controller was released from hospital on the same day and did not require treatment.

Image shows impact to traffic management utility

Image shows impact to member of the publics light vehicle

Immediate Actions

Please note that these are generic actions for all to consider in relation to this critical risk (and is not reflective of this specific incident):

  • Ensure risk assessments have been conducted to assess each working environment.
  • Ensure all workers are aware of site layout and pre-start covers appropriate escape routes.
  • Ensure processes in place to look out for, and warn workers of, errant vehicles.


It’s essential for all involved in traffic management and related fields to prioritise safety and awareness to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Vigilance and adherence to safety protocols are key to protecting both workers and the public on our roads.

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