Safety Alert – Fallen Temporary Traffic Signage

Fallen temporary traffic management signage is something regularly seen out on the road network. One of the responses made following a fatal crash event recently was to include the following section in the Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice.

AS 1742.3 indicates that signs and devices shall be positioned and erected so that they are properly displayed and securely mounted. The mountings should also be stable in windy conditions and from the effects of moving traffic. Where windy conditions are expected either due to weather or heavy vehicles; signs should have additional sign support and be located with adequate lateral clearance from the travelled way. It is recommended in these conditions that signs either
be mounted on permanent posts or, where this is not practicable, a cleat or similar should be affixed to the outside of the edge of the sign approximately a quarter up from its base. Sufficiently weighted sand bags should then be attached to this with rope / string with some tension applied to the cleat. TMAA encourages you to highlight these requirements to traffic management companies working on our road network, and ask surveillance officers to also follow up on nonconformances.

Safety Alert issued by TMAA, full article and alert click here.

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