New Main Roads WA Traffic Signals Fact Sheet

Main Roads WA has recently released a new information fact sheet relating to Traffic Signals.  Traffic Signal locations display a 7 day snapshot of detector volumes and signal data. The new fact sheet will cover the different artefacts supplied and their contents.

Main Roads is committed to work with industry to improve the self-service capability of trafficmap with an aim of making data easily available.  trafficmap refreshes detector volumes and signal data
every three months in March, June, September and December. The data displayed is sourced from the third full week of the previous month. This ensures that a full 7 days’ worth of data is available i.e. there are no
public or school holidays.

All traffic signal data is sourced from the Mainroads’ Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS).  Where the information provided on trafficmap does not meet your information requirements (e.g. For Intersection Diagnostic Monitor information, Strategic Monitoring and specific history date ranges) requests can still be submitted via the online forms.

Download TrafficMap_Information_Sheet_Traffic_Lights.

TrafficMap is located on the Main Roads website > Our Roads > Facts and Figures:

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