New Changes to the Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme

Main Roads WA has announced new changes to the Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme starting from December 2023.

Company Registration Scheme

In 2015, Main Roads WA implemented a State Road Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme (Registration Scheme) to improve the quality of traffic management.  All traffic management organisations/companies operating on State Roads, including Main Roads WA and its contractors, Local Governments, and utility providers, are required to be registered under the Registration Scheme.

The Registration Scheme was implemented to ensure traffic management organisations/companies have third-party certified quality and safety systems in place, and evidence of suitable capabilities and experience.

New Changes Ahead To The Registration Scheme

By 1 July 2024, there will be a number of additional requirements made to the Registration Scheme, including:

  1. A minimum base rate of $35.67 per hour will apply for traffic management personnel (applicable to personnel who hold only Traffic Controller and/or Basic Worksite Traffic Management accreditation);
  2. A minimum base rate of $37.15 per hour will apply for traffic management personnel (applicable to personnel with higher Worksite Traffic Management accreditation, a Truck Mounted Attenuator Operator, Advanced Worksite Traffic Management accreditation, and/or Roadworks Traffic Manager accreditation);
  3. With some exceptions, the organisation/company implementing the traffic management must directly employ the traffic management personnel (ie there is to be no subcontracting out or use of labour hire employees);
  4. All other employment conditions must meet or exceed those detailed in the Building and Construction General On-site Award 2020 (ie the entitlements for overtime, casual loading, etc); and
  5. Government agencies will be able to audit organisations/companies under the Registration Scheme, including the pay and conditions of employees.

The Additional Requirements will be finalised and made available online at the Main Roads WA website click here in the coming weeks.

For further information on the Registration Scheme click here.

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