Main Roads WA Traffic Management Templates

Any party undertaking work on a road shall prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that adequately provides for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining an adequate level of service to road users.   

To ensure a consistent approach is taken when developing a TMP Main Roads WA has range of mandated traffic management TMP templates that must be used as a minimum. 

These TMP templates shall be used as a basis for the development of the plan either roadworks or events. Any section headings that are not applicable to the TMP being developed shall be kept in the document and noted as not applicable (with the intent of keeping the TMP section numbers the same throughout all TMPs (Traffic Management Plans)).  August 2022 seen the release of a new revised Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Roadworks Template from Main Roads WA. We have put together a helpful article that covers all the changes within the template. 

August 2022 Template Updates  

  • General amendments to template, replacing OSH wording with WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) – read more on WHS changes in the traffic management industry  
  • 3.2 – Risk Register table amended – broken into generic and site-specific risks; TMP/TGS Reference column added 
  • 4.1.7 – section name changed to Portable Traffic Control Devices 
  • 4.1.8 – new section Speed Management 
  • 4.1.9 – new section Excavations or Above Ground Hazards 
  • 4.5 – new section shadow vehicles 
  • 5.1.4 – additional details added for escape routes 
  • – personnel requirements for ‘complex traffic arrangements’ on MRWA (Main Roads WA) road added 
  • 7.2 – additional details added in green for TM implementation/removal  
  • – new sub-section Securing Signs and Devices 
  • 7.3.4 – title amended to Delineation and Edge Clearance 
  • 10.1 and 10.2 – new wording added TMP review and improvement and variations 
  • 10.3 – title amended to Approvals, Authorisations and Permits 

Traffic Management Templates

As well as the above noted TMP Template, Main Roads WA has a range of Traffic Management Templates available for use. We have compiled the current list below for ease of use and finding:

  • Basic Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Template
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Template
  • Event Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Template
  • Temporary Modifications to Traffic Signals Approval – Technical Report Template
  • Notification of Roadworks Template
  • Notification of Event Form Template
  • Application for Variation to Standards
  • Checklist to Determine the need for Generic or Site Specific TMP
  • Example Onsite Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) Selection Checklist
  • Traffic Management Daily Diary Template
  • Events on Roads Daily Diary Template
  • Traffic Incident Report Form

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