Main Roads WA Event TMP Template Draft

Did you know it is a requirement to use the Main Roads WA TMP templates for worksite and event TMP designs?

Refer to the below details taken from the Main Roads WA Code of Practice Works on Road Section 5.2.1 (page 17);

The CoP indicates shall, therefore, “indicates that a statement is mandatory”.

This change came into effect from March 2018 for TMP templates and the main reason behind it was to introduce a consistent approach across the industry.  TMPs were often lacking the required information and in a varying order/flow within the TMP document, often making it difficult to locate the required details.

Having standardised templates allows those reviewing or implementing a TMP to;

  • easily use the document knowing where they can locate the required information each time (as opposed to flicking through varying design templates)
  • ensure the required details needed within the TMP design are not missed and quality designs are being produced

To access both current and draft TMP template documents for worksites and events click here.

For any new TMPs being designed, it must be done so using the Main Roads WA TMP templates.

Main Roads WA have recently released an updated Event TMP template. This new template is available to view and open for public comment now until 6 September.  Any feedback or comments can be emailed to Main Roads WA Road Safety Policy Coordinator click here.

To download and view the latest draft Event TMP Template open for comment download here.

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