Everything You Need To Know About A USI

All students are requested to bring along their pre-enrolment evidence and pre-requisites to the course upon enrolment. This includes the Unique Student Identifier or USI. If you intend to enrol for a nationally recognised training delivered by registered training organisations, you will need to have a USI.
AusQ Training will not be able to process your accreditations without your USI. A USI gives you online access to your education/training records from January 2015 onwards. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric code which is assigned to you for life and looks something just like this:
Over time, all your nationally recognised training records, accreditations and results will be attached to your USI. This gives you the benefit to access it anywhere and anytime you want. You can also log-in to your USI Portal and view your transcript and provide this evidence to RTOs to verify your previous training records.
Log-in and view your portal here . If you want to verify your USI or not sure if you already have one, you can click here and you will be directed to their portal.

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