Coroner Slams Traffic Planning For Fatality

A coroner has called for safety barriers to be set up for all road workers after the death of an experienced traffic controller who was struck by a speeding ute in Launceston, Tasmania.  In findings published last week, coroner Simon Cooper found a significant reason for the Traffic Controller Mr. Close’s death was the lack of a physical barrier between him and approaching cars.  The Coroner said traffic planning was “wholly inadequate” and the training provided to the workers was poor.

The car’s driver was given a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, while Mr. Close’s employer was fined for failing to comply with workplace safety standards.

We are deeply saddened that another roadworkers life has tragically been taken and a family left without their loved one.  Everyone deserves to go home from work safe each day.  We have shared a link below to access the full coroner’s report as we believe there are lessons that can be learned and many takeaways from what occurred.  We hope by sharing this information it can help another organisation, Supervisor, Traffic Controller or road user understand their obligation and help create safer worksites to ensure everyone goes home safe.

Download and read the full Coroners Report here.

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