Construction Training Fund (CTF) Unemployed Participants

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) supports and subsidises training for those building WA by supporting the training and development of a skilled workforce.

Subsidies are available to reduce training costs, making it easier for eligible businesses and employees to access the training they need when they need it.

Subsidies of up to 80% are available to help reduce training costs for eligible businesses and employees to develop and enhance the skills required by a growing industry.

What does this mean?

Where you provide AusQ Training with information that indicates you or your employees are an eligible worker under the CTF, we will reduce your initial fee payment to the amount excluding the applicable CTF rebate amount.  AusQ Training will then take care of the required documentation and then claim the difference of the fee amount from the CTF.

What about participants whom are are currently unemployed?

Construction Training Fund (CTF) understands that sometimes participants are unemployed at the time of training and that the training will enable them to gain employment OR that they were employed prior to training course, however now unemployed and seeking employment.

These cases are handled slightly differently to the employed participants.

If participants are unemployed at time of training and have a relevant Letter of Offer of Employment (inclusive of commencement date) from an eligible company or contractor in the construction industry for direct employment in the construction industry, we need to see the following:

  • Letter from an eligible company or contractor in the construction industry, on a relevant company letterhead and showing all company details including ABN, address and contact details
  • Offer made is before the training commencement date and date shown on the letter
  • Full name of participant is listed and matches person who is enrolled for training
  • Enrolled for a short course recognised and approved as eligible for CTF Funding
  • Includes confirmed start date – pending successful completion of the course (Confirmed start date must be within 1 week from training date)
  • Includes type of employment eg full time, part time, casual, daily hire, etc
  • Casual and Daily hire must be able to provide at least five day’s worth onsite evidence

OR the unemployed participant can:

  • Demonstrate that they were directly employed in the construction industry in WA for a minimum of six months, within 12 months prior to the date of course commencement; this will include providing details of relevant worksite and works undertaken during this time.

Unemployed participants may be required to provide additional documentation to assist CTF to process a claim.

Confused about the meaning of CONSTRUCTION work? Please read over Construction Training Fund (CTF) Definition of Construction for clarification.

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