Austroads Guides (AGTTM) WA Adoption

Bulletin issued by Main Roads WA on Monday 16 December 2019

The Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) is now freely available on the Austroads website click here

Practitioners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with AGTTM and incorporate components as soon as practical. The AGTTM will be fully adopted in WA by 1st August 2020. Following this date, a cut down version of the Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice will remain as a supplement to the AGTTM.

A WA Transition workshop will be held, the tentative date is February 2020, to outline WA’s Approach:

  1. WA to adopt the full AGTTM by August 2020.
  2. The following exceptions will remain within the Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice:
  • Approvals
  • Authority to Erect Traffic Control Devices
  • Requirement to use TMP Templates
  • RTMs to endorse TMPs involving ‘complex traffic arrangements’
  • RTMs conducting temporary traffic management audits
  • Additional signs not within AS1742.3
  • Guideline for the use of TMAs to be retained
  • Accreditation Requirements (until Austroads Training Framework is adopted)

Following August 2020 practitioners, designers, implementers, traffic controllers, RTMs, training providers, etc. shall use and refer to AGTTM for all temporary traffic management activities (unless exceptions are referred to in the August 2020 edition of the Code of Practice.)

AGTTM Proposed WA Approach Table




Proposed WA approach – August 2020

1 Introduction and General Adopt
Planning 2 Traffic Management Planning Adopt and replace Guide to the Preparation of TMPs
Design 3 Static Work Sites Adopt
4 Mobile Works Adopt
5 Short Term Low Impact Works Adopt
Field 6 Field Staff – Implementation and Operation Adopt
7 Traffic Controllers Instructions Adopt and replace Traffic Controller Handbook
Support 8 Processes and Procedures Adopt.

Road Categories and TTM Training Framework to be adopted later – TBD.

9 Sample Layouts Adopt and replace MRWA Generic Workzone TGS
10 Supporting Guidance (Risk Management, Surveillance, Events) Adopt.

RTMs conducting TTM Compliance/Suitability audits to remain.

The Traffic Management for Events Code of Practice to be retained.



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