5 helpful tools everyone in traffic management should know about

Whether you are a traffic controller, traffic management planner or supervisor on a roadworks site, saving time and having access to helpful tools makes everyone’s job a little easier.   

Check out these 5 helpful (and time saving!) tools that we believe everyone in traffic management needs to know about and use:  

1. Straight Line Kilometres (SLK) App  

SLK Meter provides linear location on WA’s local and state road network using the common reference system straight line kilometres (SLK)  

This app provides users the ability to locate features, structures and items within road reserves whether travelling in vehicles or on foot. Any point within the road reserve can be located by SLK, easting and northing or latitude and longitude. This allows the user to locate themselves on these networks for inspections, defects, environmental features or delivery of items to traffic management, construction or maintenance sites along existing road networks 

SLK handy features include 

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android (download anytime via the App Store or Google Play) 
  • Location data for State and Local roads 
  • Location data for cycle paths 
  • Offline usage when GPS is enabled (no data, no worries) 
  • Location sharing functionality with photo capture 

2. St John: First Responder App  

We hope that you may never be faced with an emergency onsite, however when travelling or working on the roads you may encounter emergencies. 

Therefore, having quick access to the St John Ambulance First Responder App is an invaluable tool in an emergency situation. It offers users access to vital information, such as first aid instruction guides, location of the nearest medical centre and emergency department, as well as real time updates on emergency department waiting times and more. 

Other helpful resources included in the app:  

  • First aid instruction guides – helping you to treat a range of injuries and illnesses. 
  • Defibrillator (AED) locator – showing all the defibrillator locations near you
  • Upload the location of new defibrillator (AED) locations that aren’t currently appearing on the app. 
  • Locate nearest medical centres and emergency departments – including live ED waiting time information.  
  • Patient transport services information. 
  • Your first aid course information and refresher reminder notices. 
  • First aid tips and special offers – keeping you up to date with handy first aid information. 

3. Traffic Controller Kit  

Working as a traffic controller can take you all over the state, so having a kit and being prepared for each workday is super important. We surveyed those in industry, and asked them to share with us their top 3 must-haves:  

  • Esky / Lunch Bag

There are no fridges, therefore, having an esky to keep your lunch cool is a must have.
Tip: Take more food than you think you will need. Traffic Control is physical and hard work, so keep good quality snacks and food on hand.  

  • Water

Pack plenty of water (and we mean PLENTY) Find the biggest possible water bottle you can and fill it up. Often work-site locations aren’t near town centres or convenience stores, therefore essential you are equipped with lots of water for your full shift. 

  • Check, Check – One, Two (Radio)  

Radio is your biggest form of communication on a traffic management site; therefore, you must ensure you have a working radio. You will often be at a site, not near town centres, therefore it is important to do a radio check and ensure you have a radio that is working prior to your shift.  

4. MRWA Travel Map  

The Main Roads WA Travel Map provides you with the latest road incident and impact information, so that you can plan a safe and efficient road trip. The travel map is helpful tool when planning for roadworks or travel to and from site. The map includes, alerts, road closures, traffic signal outages, detours, roadworks, events, amenities plus more.  

5. Traffic Management Resources  

There are various important traffic management resources to refer to when working in the traffic management industry. We highly recommend saving these to your phone for ease of use and access (when you need it most)  

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