5 Benefits of Group On-Site Traffic Management Training in WA

Arranging traffic management and construction training for your team can sometimes feel like a daunting and timely task. Having to search and find suitable traffic management training providers, public course date availability, and training facilities,  just to name a few things. 

Plus, for those in regional locations, having to send your employees into the city for traffic management training can chew up valuable work days, not to mention additional costs for wages, accommodation and transport.

So, we wanted to share with you the top 5 benefits of arranging group on-site traffic management training in WA.

Keep reading to uncover the benefits of letting us come to you!

At AusQ Training, we have a team of certified Trainers and Assessors who are capable of providing traffic management and construction training throughout WA, regardless of your location in Perth or any regional area in WA. We provide adaptable training schedules that are suitable for various work rosters and site requirements. Our traffic management courses are practical and engaging, ensuring that learning and development for your team is an engaging experience. Moreover, we offer the convenience of bringing our trainers to your location.

Take advantage of these benefits when you have the AusQ Training team come to you for your next group on-site traffic management training:

1. Reduce Costs ​

By engaging AusQ Training to deliver group on-site traffic management training at your workplace, you can considerably reduce your training costs. How you ask?

  • It is cheaper for AusQ Training to arrange travel and accommodation for 1 x trainer, than it is for you to accommodate a group of employees with additional accommodation and travel expenses,
  • If you are a Local Government or small business, we often suggest working with your neighbouring Local Governments regions or business, this way we can plan one trip to your location for all your traffic management training needs, and you can split/save travel costs.  Note: If you think you don’t have enough learners for a group traffic management training course, still contact us – on many occasions we have helped multiple clients to work together and create a training course which combines to meet everyone’s training needs.

A recent example where we have been able to achieve cost saving for not one (1) but two (2) Local Governments in the Wheatbelt region. They had contacted us and had 2 people needing training however we had already received a recent request and were talking with a neighbouring Local Government who had a need for 7 employees to complete Basic Worksite Traffic Management and Traffic Control (BWTM & TC) training. 

So, by combining the 2 groups who needed traffic management training, it makes it a cost-effective exercise for both parties.  Plus, we were then able to identify the next upcoming training needs for both parties and have earmarked a future date to combine the Local Governments again.

Win-win for all involved! 

2. Slash Time 

We frequently send our Trainer and Assessors 4+ hours away, they drive out the day before training and return the day after training. The trainer spends 2 days travelling – while your staff can continue to work those 2 days as normal.

Our Traffic Management Trainers get the added bonus of seeing some of our beautiful WA State along the way!

  • Once we have your group booking acceptance, we can start the training course preparation (saves you time, as we do all the leg work!)
  • We get to lock everything in, well in advance. We can both relax until the traffic management training course comes around rather than a last-minute rush to get information; and 
  • You won’t need to spend hours trying to find the most cost-effective accommodation and travel solutions for your team;

3. Convenience and Flexibility 

By arranging AusQ Training to come to you, you have so much more flexibility. You’re not governed or restricted by RTOs set public course dates, which in some cases before have meant employees traffic management accreditations have lapsed as there was no public course availability prior to their expiration date (now we all know that impacts the day to day operations of your business, by having employees who are no longer accredited and cannot perform their duties). Even more benefits for opting to arrange group on-site training;

  • Have the flexibility to book your training dates when it suits you (quiet periods, around key projects or other training) such as winter when its often poor weather limiting what work activities can be done or when it’s too hot in the Northern parts of WA; 
  • Got rostered days off (RDOs) we need to consider – no worries! When we start discussions on traffic management training course date preferences and availabilities we can conveniently review RDO dates and work around what suits your needs.
  • Pick the training course dates to suit you and your team! 

We often are quoting group on-site training courses months in advance (because we haven’t released our public training calendar this far in advance, we have flexibility to adjust dates to fit in to suit the customers preferred days and dates).

Recently we facilitated group training for a customer in the North West of the WA, the team are used to starting work early (so they are not working in the extreme heat of the afternoons). Taking all this into consideration when we scheduled their training, we delivered the course starting earlier from 6:30am, again just another example of the flexibility you can have when choosing group on-site training options with AusQ Training. 

4. Builds Better Relationships & Ability to Customise Training 

Generally speaking, majority of  companies who engage us for group on-site training (98%) continue to engage us each year to keep their teams traffic management accreditations up to date and ensure their new employees are also fully trained. By building a relationship with us, we have a clearer understanding of your training needs;

  • This allows more consistency of traffic management training across your workforce and not having a different group receive different training to another;
  • You deal with just one organisation for your traffic management training needs, you get to build a relationship with one RTO. This often results in less paperwork and easier enrolments too, as we already have past students details already on file; 
  • For some learners it is nice to have the same Trainer and Assessor, year after year, we aim build meaningful relationships. 
  • You have the opportunity to share any past incidents or concerns your workplace has had with traffic management and these areas can be covered more or become focus points. This helps overall outcomes being achieved increase safety, productivity, less incidents etc. 

5. Reaccreditation Training made EASIER! 

We understand that training can be a significant expense and require strategic planning for your organisation, which can consume valuable time as everyone is occupied with their responsibilities. However, by engaging AusQ Training for your next traffic management group training, another benefit includes making traffic management reaccreditation training easy! How?

  • We’ll touch base and send traffic management reaccreditation reminder email notifications a few months before your team’s accreditations are due to expire. This means we can help you plan well in advance and take the stress out of employee’s traffic management accreditations lapsing. 
  • Once you have trained with us we will have your employees Statement of Attainments and student details on record from previous training, therefore saving more time and costs and you don’t need to spend time or energy sending all this through again! 

By reviewing the 5 advantages of on-site traffic management training for groups in WA, it’s evident that it’s beneficial. If you’re interested in scheduling your team’s next traffic management training course with us and experiencing the numerous benefits, please complete our group on-site training request form or book a consultation call with our customer support team today.

Got Questions?  

Do you have any questions and need further assistance with your traffic management training needs? Get in touch and contact us.

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