New MRWA Code of Practice Works on Road Update

Main Roads Western Australia Code of Practice for Works on Road has been updated. The latest and correct version to use is September 2018.
The latest update only includes minor updates such as;
– Section 3.1 Additional text added regarding planning works.
– Section 5.6 Table 4.9 of AS1742.3 added to traffic flow variations.
– Section 6.8.1 Reference to Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) replaced with Road Network Operations Centre (RNOC). Spelling error amended.
– Appendix 4 TOC replaced with RNOC and email address updated.
– Appendix 5 Signs MMS-ADV-4, MMS-ADV-5, MMS-DIV-6 or MMSDIV-7 not to be used in conjunction with a regulatory sign. Text added for use of MMS-REG-4. MMS example configurations amended.
Download your copy here

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