AusQ Training specialise in traffic management training across Western Australia.

Traffic Management Planning

AusQ Training can offer customers an array of traffic management solutions when it comes to your next project:

  • We can train your staff how to design Traffic Management Plans and become an Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) accredited person OR
  • We can take care of your traffic management planning for your next project with our team of knowledgeable personnel – this leaves you to concentrate on the actual work being completed

AusQ Training recognise not all companies have the resources or desire to design and produce their own Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) in-house and that’s why we offer options and solutions for customers to consider.

Road works involve a compromise between getting the work done quickly and safely and keeping the traffic flowing freely. It is therefore important to carefully plan activities, including the implementation and removal of traffic management arrangements, with the aim of enhancing work efficiency and safety, and reducing traffic delays, congestion and general inconvenience to road users.

One of our key strengths is the knowledge our team has training those within the industry. We can also offer this knowledge in the form of quality traffic management planning services.

We can prepare small to complex Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and aim to provide solutions that minimise complications and maximise your productivity and efficiency but that never compromise on safety or quality.

We place a huge emphasis on regular face to face site meetings as it allows us to not only gain a thorough understanding of the project from the start but also of any changes or risks that arise during the course of the works.

Our Traffic Management Planning process involves

  • Initial customer briefing
  • Initial concept / design development
  • Site location and risk assessment
  • Traffic Management / Control design and staging
  • Determining resourcing requirements
  • Determining the need for any additional or custom/special requirements
  • Gaining feedback and consultation with the customer and other stakeholders
  • Obtaining approval/s
  • Hand over approved and finalised TMP

Our team can also assist with project communication requirements of the works area such as letter notifications, advance warning devices/signage or media advertising.

Contact us today to discuss your next project requirements.

AusQ News
RII Industry Survey Out Now - Have Your Say - Traffic Management Training

PwC's Skills for Australia are looking for feedback on training and skills across Australia for several areas within the Resource and Infrastructure Industry. They are looking to gather views from industry on the types of skills that are required, job activities that people are doing day to day in various areas including traffic management.  Take the Survey.

Event Traffic Control - Prepare For Your Upcoming Event

Have an event coming up? AusQ Training can deliver Main Roads WA Event Traffic Controller Training (ETC) training course. This non-accredited course is a minimum requirement for all persons working at events on roads with a posted speed limit of 60kph or less. This short course provides participants with the necessary skills to implement event warning signs and maintain the safety of event goers and road users. Read More

New Main Roads WA Code of Practice - Traffic Management for Events - May 2017

Main Roads WA Road Safety Branch have released a new edition of the Main Roads WA Code of Practice Traffic Management for Events.  The changes included in the new edition are summarised in the 'Amendment / Revision Status Record' located at the front of the document. It is very important event organisers, qualified traffic or event controllers become familiar with these new changes for your next event.  Download Copy Here

Give Way to Emergency Vehicles

Regulation 60, Road Traffic Code 2000 requires drivers to give way and make every reasonable effort to give a clear, uninterrupted passage to emergency vehicles which are sounding an alarm or showing flashing lights. Read More

Temporary Speed Zones on Unsealed Roads

It is common practice to use temporary speed zones on unsealed roads and Australian Standard 1742.3 Traffic control for works on roads allows their use (however, this is not mandated due to the low volume of traffic and economic considerations which shall be based on a risk assessment, see section 4.5 of AS1742.3).

It is also worth noting that it is common practice to speed zone unsealed sections of roads for side tracks and when the sealed surface has been removed due to road resurfacing.

View Sample Diagrams, to show how a work site may be set up on an unsealed road.

When speed zoning unsealed roads it is important to ensure the surface condition is inspected and maintained to an acceptable standard for the speed limit implemented. The END speed limit signs shall be used when terminating the temporary speeds.