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Construction Training Fund (CTF)

“The Construction Training Fund provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry. We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.”

AusQ Training is an approved Construction Training Fund Bulk Billing Provider, which allows eligible employers and candidates to access subsidies up to an 80% discount.

The majority of courses delivered by AusQ Training are subsidised by the Construction Training Fund.  The AusQ Training bulk billing arrangement with the CTF, enables participants to only pay for the remaining “gap” fee of the course.

Employer Claims
Are you an eligible employer and wish to claim your CTF subsidies upon enrolment?  Simply email with your request and we will email copies of the relevant documents to complete and return.

Individual Claims
Private and individual customers can access the Construction Training Fund Individual Claim Form here and Work History Form here make their claim directly with the CTF.  Those who have a proven construction industry employment history, will be able to make a claim as well.

Funding Eligibility
Eligibility for CTF is dependent on a company’s ability to demonstrate direct involvement in Western Australia’s construction industry, specifically in on site construction, installation and fabrication activity.
Eligible companies/individuals must be:
  • Directly employed in the building and construction industry in Western Australia
  • Construction companies undertaking projects in Western Australia
  • Self-employed and undertaking work which is directly involved in the construction process
Where eligibility of an applicant is in question the Training Fund will seek evidence of eligibility via review of a detailed, recent work history and/or evidence of employment.  The final determination regarding eligibility rests with the Construction Training Fund.
Ineligible companies/individuals include:
  • Government departments, agencies and Government employees
  • Mining, oil, gas and mineral exploration companies
  • Companies that manufacture supply or deliver building products
  • Companies that manufacture, supply, deliver or install non-building products after completion of the construction process
  • Companies that install, maintain, repair and inspect elevators and escalators
  • Companies that provide maintenance or repairs of a minor nature after the construction phase
  • Carpet laying or floor covering companies and contractors

View CTF Eligibility Guide

Training Fund Rebate Amounts
Metropolitan delivery: The subsidy to eligible trainees is $31 per hour (to a maximum of $248 per eight hour day, or 70% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower) towards an eligible course. The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,300.

Regional delivery: The subsidy to eligible trainees is $34 per hour (to a maximum of $272 per eight hour day, or 80% of the actual course cost, whichever is lower) towards an eligible course. The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,700.


Advertised course cost $300 $350
Hours of training 8 8
Subsidy @ hourly rate $31 x 8 = $248 $34 x 8 = $272
Subsidy @ % rate 70% x $300 = $210 80% x $350 = $280
Subsidy to be paid  $210  $272 

For more details about the Construction Training Fund and its programs can be made available through the following contacts:

T 08 9244 0100
F 08 9244 0199
A 104 Belgravia Street, BELMONT WA 6104 or PO Box 303, CLOVERDALE WA 6985

View and access CTF Guidelines & Claim Forms here

AusQ News
BWTM Accreditation - Supervise Experienced Road Workers

Road workers with at least 12 months experience working on roads are permitted to implement signs under direct supervision of someone that holds a BWTM accreditation. This is only permitted on local roads with a permanent speed limit of 50 km/h or less and less than 15,000 vehicles per day.

Traffic Management Plans - MRWA Template Required

Any party undertaking work on a road shall prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that adequately provides for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining an adequate level of service to road users. To ensure a consistent approach is taken when developing a TMP one of the Main Roads WA TMP templates shall be used as a basis for the development of the plan. Any section headings that are not applicable to the TMP being developed shall be kept in the document and noted as not applicable (with the intent of keeping the TMP section numbers the same throughout all TMPs). Read More on page 17, Main Roads WA Code of Practice Works on Roads

Working in the Heat - New Guidance Note Released

Safe Work Australia has published a Guide for managing the risks of working in the heat. "Heat is a hazard in many Australian workplaces, whether work is performed indoors or outdoors," said Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter. The guide provides practical guidance on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat, and information on what to do if a worker begins to suffer from a heat-related illness. For more information, visit the Safe Work Australia website.

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